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  1. Artículo
    ""Maize is life": Malawi's delayed green revolution "
    Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1995)

  2. Artículo
    "12th Asian Maize Conference and Expert Consultation on maize for food, feed, nutrition and environmental security; Bangkok (Thailand), 30-1 Oct-Nov 2014 : proceedings "
    Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions; International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT); Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO); Thailand Department of Agriculture.
    CIMMYT (2015)

  3. Artículo
    "12th Asian Maize Conference and Expert Consultation on maize for food, feed, nutrition; and environmental security; Bangkok (Thailand), 30-1 Aug-Nov 2014 : abstracts "
    Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions; International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT); Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO); Thailand Department of Agriculture.
    CIMMYT (2014)

  4. Artículo
    "12th Asian Maize Conference and Expert Consultation on maize for food, feed, nutrition; and environmental security; Bangkok (Thailand), 30-1 Aug-Nov 2014 : extended summaries "
    Prasanna, B.M.; Vivek, B.; Sadananda, A.R.; Jeffers, D.P.; Zaidi, P.H.; Boeber, C.; Erenstein, O.; Babu, R.; Nair, S.K.; Gerard, B.; Jat, M.L.; Palacios-Rojas, N.; Pixley, K.V..
    CIMMYT (2014)

  5. Phenotypic data
    "18th Semi-Arid Wheat Yield Trial"
    Singh, Ravi. Payne, Thomas.
    CIMMYT (2010)

  6. Artículo
    "1977 Annual report: CIMMYT regional maize program Central America, Panama and the Caribbean "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1977)

  7. Artículo
    "1978 Annual report: CIMMYT regional maize program Central America, Panama and the Caribbean "
    Villena Duchen, W.L.; Soza, R.F..
    CIMMYT (1978)

  8. Artículo
    "1979 On-farm activities, wheat agronomy (rainfed): Training program "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1979)

  9. Artículo
    "1981 World maize facts and trends, CIMMYT Report one: Analysis of changes in production, consumption, trade, and prices over the last two decades "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1981)

  10. Artículo
    "1981 World wheat facts and trends, Report one: Analysis of changes in production, consumption, trade and prices over the last two decades "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1981)

  11. Artículo
    "1983 World wheat facts and trends. Report two: An analysis of rapidly rising Third World consumption and imports of wheat "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1983)

  12. Artículo
    "1985 CIMMYT World wheat facts and trends. Report three: A discussion of selected wheat marketing and pricing issues in developing countries "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1986)

  13. Artículo
    "1986 CIMMYT World maize facts and trends: The economics of commercial maize seed production in developing countries "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1987)

  14. Artículo
    "1987-88 CIMMYT World wheat facts and trends, the wheat revolution revisited: Recent trends and future challenges "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1989)

  15. Artículo
    "1988 Mid year progress report: CIMMYT Central American / Caribean regional maize program "
    Cordova, H.S.; Raun, W..
    CIMMYT (1988)

  16. Artículo
    "1989/90 CIMMYT world maize facts and trends: Realizing the potential of maize in Sub-Saharan Africa "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1990)

  17. Artículo
    "1990-91 CIMMYT World wheat facts and trends: Wheat and barley production in rainfed marginal environments of the developing world "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1991)

  18. Artículo
    "1991-92 project list of the CIMMYT wheat program: For the in-house wheat highlihts meeting "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1992)

  19. Artículo
    "1991/92 CIMMYT world maize facts and trends: Maize research investment and impacts in developing countries "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1992)

  20. Artículo
    "1992/93 CIMMYT World wheat facts and trends: The wheat breeding industry in developing countries - An analysis of investments and impacts "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1993)

  21. Artículo
    "1993/94 CIMMYT world maize facts and trends -- Maize seed industries, revisited: Emerging roles of the public and private sectors "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1994)

  22. Artículo
    "1995/96 World wheat facts and trends: Understanding global trends in the use of wheat diversity and international flows of wheat genetic resources "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1996)

  23. Artículo
    "2010-11 CIMMYT marketing plan "
    Cutter, C..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  24. Artículo
    "A Bayesian approach to explaining sequential adoption of components of a technological package "
    Leathers, H.D.; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1991)

  25. Artículo
    "A MALDI-TOF based analysis of high molecular weight glutenin subunits for wheat breeding "
    Liu, L.; Wang, A.; Appels, R.; Ma, J.; Xia, X.; Lan, P.; He Zhonghu; Bekes, F.; Yan, Y.; Ma, W..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  26. Artículo
    "A Thousand Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles from CIMMYT and its Collaborators 1966-2002 "
    Woolston, J.E..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  27. Artículo
    "A bayesian approach for assessing the stability of genotypes "
    Cotes, J.M.; Crossa, J.; Sanches, A.; Cornelius, P.L..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  28. Artículo
    "A cheklist of journal articles from CIMMYT and its Collaborators 1966-1999 "
    Woolston, J.E..
    CIMMYT (2000)

  29. Artículo
    "A common ground for maize research: Regional cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa "
    Russell, N.C..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  30. Artículo
    "A comparative analysis of conservation agriculture systems: Benefits and challenges of rotations and intercropping in Zimbabwe "
    Thierfelder, C.; Cheesman, S.; Rusinamhodzi, L..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  31. Artículo
    "A comparative analysis of rice-wheat systems in Indian Haryana and Pakistan Punjab "
    Erenstein, O..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  32. Artículo
    "A comparative assessment of combine harvesting vis-a-vis conventional harvesting and threshing in Arsi Region, Ethiopia "
    Hassena, M.; Regassa Ensermu; Mwangi, W.M.; Verkuijl, H..
    CIMMYT (2000)

  33. Artículo
    "A comparative effect of salinity and drought on growth, ion concentration and Delta13C and Delta15N in barley "
    Yousfi, S.; Serret, M.D.; Araus, J.L..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  34. Artículo
    "A comparative study for yield performance and adaptation of some Australian and CIMMYT/ICARDA wheat genotypes grown at selected locations in Australia and the WANA region "
    Sivapalan, S.; O'Brien, L.; Ortiz Ferrara, G.; Hollamby, G.J.; Barclay, I.; Martin, P.J..
    CIMMYT (2003)

  35. Artículo
    "A comparative study of protein changes in normal and quality protein maize during tortilla making "
    Ortega Martinez, E.I.; Villegas, E.; Vasal, S.K..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  36. Artículo
    "A comparison of results obtained with two methods for assessing yield stability "
    Crossa, J..
    CIMMYT (1988)

  37. Artículo
    "A comparison of variance components in corn yield trials: II. error, year x variety, location x variety, and variety components "
    Sprague, G.F.; Federer, W.T..
    CIMMYT (1951)

  38. Artículo
    "A complete listing of improved maize germplasm from CIMMYT "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1998)

  39. Artículo
    "A conceptual framework for valuing on-farm genetic resources "
    Bellon, M.R.; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1998)

  40. Artículo
    "A formulacao de recomendacaos a partir de dados agronomicos No.2: Livro dos exercicios "
    Perrin, R.K.; Anderson, J.M.; Winkelmann, D.L.; Moscardi, E.R..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  41. Artículo
    "A formulacao de recomendacaos a partir de dados agronomicos No.3: Respostas aos exercicios "
    Perrin, R.K.; Anderson, J.M.; Winkelmann, D.L.; Moscardi, E.R..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  42. Artículo
    "A formulacao de recomendacaos a partir de dados agronomicos: Un manual metodologico de avaliacao economica CIMMYT "
    Perrin, R.K.; Anderson, J.M.; Winkelmann, D.L.; Moscardi, E.R..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  43. Artículo
    "A fourth principle is required to define Conservation Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa: The appropriate use of fertilizer to enhance crop productivity "
    Vanlauwe, B.; Wendt, J.; Giller, K.E.; Corbeels, M.; Gerard, B.; Nolte, C..
    CIMMYT (2014)

  44. Artículo
    "A gene for resistance to the maize streak virus in the African CIMMYT maize inbreed line CML202 "
    Welz, H.G.; Schechert, A.; Pernet, A.; Pixley, K.V.; Geiger, H.H..
    CIMMYT (1998)

  45. Artículo
    "A general Bayesian estimation method of linear-bilinear models applied to plant breeding trials with genotype × environment interaction "
    Perez-Elizalde, S.; Jarquin, D.; Crossa, J..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  46. Artículo
    "A general guide to data preparation for computer analysis of farm survey data "
    Hesse, E..
    CIMMYT (1982)

  47. Artículo
    "A genome-wide survey of maize lipid-related genes: Candidate genes mining, digital gene expression profiling and co-location with QTL for maize kernel oil "
    Li Lin; Li Hui; Li JiYing; Xu ShuTu; Yang XiaoHong; Li JianSheng; Jianbing Yan.
    CIMMYT (2010)

  48. Artículo
    "A guide to identifying and managing nutrient deficiencies in cereal crops "
    Sharma, M.K.; Kumar, P..
    CIMMYT (2011)

  49. Artículo
    "A guide to the CIMMYT Bread Wheat Program "
    Ginkel, M. Van; Trethowan, R.M.; Cukadar, B..
    CIMMYT (1998)

  50. Artículo
    "A guide to the CIMMYT bread wheat section "
    Rajaram, S.; Ginkel, M. Van.
    CIMMYT (1996)

  51. Artículo
    "A guide to the CIMMYT crop management and physiology subprogram "
    Acevedo, E.; Hettel, G.P..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  52. Artículo
    "A high-throughput, low cost gel-based SNP assay for positional cloning and marker assisted breeding of useful genes in cereals "
    Xu, X.; Babu, R.; Fujimura, T.; Kawasaki, S..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  53. Artículo
    "A history of wheat breeding in China "
    He Zhonghu; Rajaram, S.; Xin, Z.Y.; Huang, G.Z..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  54. Artículo
    "A joint-product analysis of the adoption of modern cereal varieties in developing countries "
    Traxler, G.; Byerlee, D..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  55. Artículo
    "A meta-analysis of community-based studies on quality protein maize "
    Gunaratna, N.S.; De Groote, H.; Nestel, P.; Pixley, K.V.; McCabe, G.P..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  56. Artículo
    "A method for combining molecular markers and phenotypic attributes for classifying plant genotypes "
    Franco, J.; Crossa, J.; Ribaut, J. M.; Betran, J.; Warburton, M.; Khairallah, M.M..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  57. Artículo
    "A method of assessing the yield stability of crop genotypes "
    Westcott, B..
    CIMMYT (1987)

  58. Artículo
    "A minimum data set for soil quality assessment of wheat and maize cropping in the highlands of Mexico "
    Govaerts, B.; Sayre, K.D.; Deckers, J..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  59. Artículo
    "A modified algorithm for the improvement of composite interval mapping "
    Li Huihui; Ye Guoyou; Jiankang Wang.
    CIMMYT (2007)

  60. Artículo
    "A molecular selection index method based on Eigenanalysis "
    Ceron-Rojas, J.J.; Castillo-Gonzalez, F.; Sahagun-Castellanos, J.; Santacruz-Varela, A.; Benitez-Riquelme, I.; Crossa, J..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  61. Artículo
    "A multi-criteria GIS site selection for sustainable cocoa development in West Africa: A case study of Nigeria "
    Alabi, T.; Sonder, K.; Oduwole, O.; Okafor, C..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  62. Artículo
    "A multi-trait multi-environment QTL mixed model with an application to drought and nitrogen stress trials in maize ( Zea mays L.) "
    Malosetti, M.; Ribaut, J.M.; Vargas, M.; Crossa, J.; Eeuwijk, F. A. van.
    CIMMYT (2008)

  63. Artículo
    "A multivariate method for classifying cultivars and studying group x environment x trait interaction "
    Franco, J.; Crossa, J.; Taba, S.; Shands, H..
    CIMMYT (2003)

  64. Artículo
    "A new approach to striga control "
    Kanampiu, F.K.; Friesen, D.K.; Gressel, J..
    CIMMYT (2003)

  65. Artículo
    "A new intervarietal linkage map and its application for quantitative trait locus analysis of "gigas" features in bread wheat "
    Suenaga, K.; Khairallah, M.; William, H.M.; Hoisington, D.A..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  66. Artículo
    "A new puroindoline b mutation present in chinese winter wheat cultivar Jingdong 11 "
    Chen, F.; He Zhonghu; Xia, X.; Lillemo, M.; Morris, C..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  67. Artículo
    "A new training, conference and information facility for CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1984)

  68. Artículo
    "A new wheat variety for the farmers of Georgia "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2003)

  69. Artículo
    "A note on multi-stage sampling with list frames: The PARC/CIMMYT survey of wheat harvest technology "
    Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1987)

  70. Artículo
    "A note on potential candidate genomic regions with implications for maize stover fodder quality "
    Vinayan, T.; Babu, R.; Jyothsna, T.; Zaidi, P.H.; Blummel, M..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  71. Artículo
    "A note on the correlations between maize grain and maize stover quantitative and qualitative traits and the implications for whole maize plant optimization "
    Y. Ramana Reddy; D. Ravi; Ch. Ramakrishna Reddy; K.V.S.V. Prasad; P.H. Zaidi; M.T. Vinayan; M. Blümmel.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  72. Artículo
    "A novel STS marker for polyphenol oxidase in bread wheat "
    Sun Dao-jie; He Zhonghu; Xia Xian-chun; Zhang, L.P.; Morris, C.F.; Appels, R.; Ma, W.J.; Wang, H..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  73. Artículo
    "A novel homeobox-like gene associated with reaction to stripe rust and powdery mildew in common wheat "
    Liu, D.; Xia, X.-C.; He Zhonghu; Xu, S.-C..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  74. Artículo
    "A paradigm shift towards low-nitrifying production systems: the role of biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) "
    Subbarao, G.V.; Sahrawat, K.L.; Nakahara, K.; Rao, I.M.; Ishitani, M.; Hash, C.T.; Kishii, M.; Bonnett, D.G.; Berry, W.L.; Lata, J.C..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  75. Artículo
    "A putative ABC transporter confers durable resistance to multiple fungal pathogens in wheat "
    Krattinger, S.G.; Lagudah, E.V.; Spielmeyer, W.; Singh, R.P.; Huerta Espino, J.; McFadden, H.; Bossolini, E.; Selter, L.L.; Keller, B..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  76. Artículo
    "A quantitative scale of spike initial and pistil development in barley and wheat "
    Waddington, S.R.; Cartwright, P.M.; Wall, P.C..
    CIMMYT (1983)

  77. Artículo
    "A quantitative trait locus on chromosome 5B controls resistance of Triticum turgidum (L.) var. diccocoides to Stagonospora nodorum blotch "
    Gonzalez-Hernandez, J.L.; Singh, P.K.; Mergoum, M.; Adhikari, T.B.; Kianian, S.F.; Simsek, S.; Elias, E.M..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  78. Artículo
    "A region of maize chromosome 2 affects response to downy mildew pathogens "
    Sabry, A.; Jeffers, D.P.; Vasal, S.K.; Frederiksen, R.; Magill, C..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  79. Artículo
    "A regional analysis of maize biological diversity in Southeastern Guanajuato, Mexico "
    Aguirre Gomez, J.A.; Bellon, M.R.; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1998)

  80. Artículo
    "A regional analysis of maize biological diversity in southeastern Guanajuato, Mexico "
    Aguirre Gomez, J.A.; Bellon, M.R.; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (2000)

  81. Artículo
    "A restricted selection index method based on eigenanalysis "
    Ceron-Rojas, J.J.; Sahagun-Castellanos, J.; Castillo-Gonzalez, F.; Santacruz-Varela, A.; Crossa, J..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  82. Artículo
    "A review of gender disaggregated data on maize and wheat cropping systems in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda "
    Nakhone, L.; Kabuta, Ch..
    CIMMYT (1998)

  83. Artículo
    "A review of methodology for the analysis of intercropping experiments "
    Mead, R..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  84. Artículo
    "A review of resource conserving technologies for sustainable management of the rice-wheat cropping systems of the Indo-Gangetic plains (IGP). "
    Gupta, R.; Ashok Seth.
    CIMMYT (2007)

  85. Artículo
    "A sampling of CIMMYT impacts, 1998: The case studies "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1998)

  86. Artículo
    "A sampling of CIMMYT impacts, 1999: New global and regional studies "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1999)

  87. Artículo
    "A sampling strategy for conserving genetic diversity when forming core subsets "
    Franco, J.; Crossa, J.; Taba, S.; Shands, H..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  88. Artículo
    "A selection index method based on Eigenanalysis "
    Ceron-Rojas, J.J.; Crossa, J.; Sahagun Castellanos, J.; Castillo Gonzalez, F.; Santacruz Varela, A..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  89. Artículo
    "A survey of Fusarium species associated with wheat and grass stem bases in northern Turkey "
    Bentley, A.R.; Tunali, B.; Nicol, J.M.; Burgess, L.W.; Summerell, B.A..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  90. Artículo
    "A survey of factors associated with the adoption of zero tillage wheat in the irrigated plains of South Asia "
    Erenstein, O.; Farooq, U..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  91. Artículo
    "A systems and partnership approach to agricultural research for development: lessons from Ethiopia "
    Tsedeke Abate; Shiferaw, B.; Gebeyehu, S.; Berhanu Amsalu; Kassaye Negash; Kebebew Assefa; Million Eshete; Sherif Aliye; Hagmann, J..
    CIMMYT (2011)

  92. Artículo
    "A user's manual for fieldbook 5.1/7.1 and alpha "
    Banziger, M.; Barreto, H.J..
    CIMMYT (1999)

  93. Artículo
    "A users guide to FASAP - A Fortran program for the analysis of farm survey data "
    Hesse, E.; Walker, P..
    CIMMYT (1980)

  94. Artículo
    "A virtual field tour for the board of trustees; 24 Mar 1999 "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1999)

  95. Artículo
    "A wheat variety from Mexico brightens in the prospects of Uzbek farmers "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2003)

  96. Artículo
    "A workshop report on wheat genome sequencing: international genome research on wheat consortium "
    Gill, B.S.; Appels, R.; Botha-Oberholster, A.M.; Buell, C.R.; Bennetzen, J.L.; Chalhoub, B.; Chumley, F.; Dvorak, J.; Iwanaga, M.; Keller, B.; Li, W.; McCombie, W.R.; Ogihara, Y.; Quetier, F.; Sasaki, T..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  97. Artículo
    "AFLP analysis of Trichoderma spp. from India compared with sequence and morphological-based diagnostics "
    Buhariwalla, H.K.; Srilakshmi, P.; Kannan, S.; Kanchi, R.S.; Chandra, S.; Satyaprasad, K.; Waliyar, F.; Thakur, R.P.; Crouch, J.H..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  98. "AGD-R (Analysis of Genetic Designs with R for Windows) Version 2.0"
    Francisco Rodríguez. Gregorio Alvarado. Ángela Pacheco. José Crossa. Juan Burgueño.
    CIMMYT (2015)

  99. Artículo
    "AMMI adjustment for statistical analysis of an international wheat yield trial "
    Crossa, J.; Fox, P.N.; Pfeiffer, W.H.; Rajaram, S.; Gauch, H.G..
    CIMMYT (1991)

  100. Artículo
    "AMMI stability of some of internationally derived durum wheat varieties in the Southeastern of Anatolia "
    Ozberk, I.; Ozberk, F.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  101. Artículo
    "Accelerated development of quality protein maize hybrid through marker-assisted introgression of opaque-2 allele "
    Gupta, H.S.; Raman, B.; Agrawal, P.K.; Mahajan, V.; Hossain, F.; Thirunavukkarasu, N..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  102. Artículo
    "Accelerated wheat production in semi-arid developing regions: Economic and policy issues "
    Byerlee, D.; Winkelmann, D.L..
    CIMMYT (1980)

  103. Artículo
    "Accelerating the transfer of wheat breeding gains to farmers: A study of the dynamics of varietal replacement in Pakistan "
    Heisey, P.W..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  104. Artículo
    "Accessing genetic diversity for crop improvement "
    Glaszmann, J.C.; Kilian, B.; Upadhyaya, H.D.; Varshney, R.K..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  105. Artículo
    "Acciones para impulsar la labranza de conservación en maíz el la Región de Azuero "
    Pereira de Herrera, A.; Becerra, F.; Saín, G..
    CIMMYT (1999)

  106. Artículo
    "Accumulation, assembly, and digestibility of amarantin expressed in transgenic tropical maize "
    Rascón-Cruz, Q.; Sinagawa-García, S.; Osuna-Castro, J.A.; Bohorova, N.; Paredes-Lopez, O..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  107. Artículo
    "Acelerando el mejoramiento genetico de trigo, triticale cebada: Viveros fuera de ciclo "
    Mertin, J.V..
    CIMMYT (1980)

  108. Artículo
    "Achievements of the Bangladesh CIMMYT partnership for agricultural research and development "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2008)

  109. Artículo
    "Achieving future productivity growth: Farming systems of Pakistan "
    Byerlee, D.; Hussin, T..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  110. Artículo
    "Achieving yield gains in wheat "
    Reynolds, M.P.; Foulkes, J.; Furbank, R.; Griffiths, S.; King, J.; Murchie, E.; Parry, M.; Slafer, G..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  111. Artículo
    "Acid-tolerant maize: Promoting sustainable farming on acid savannas "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2002)

  112. Artículo
    "Adaptation and performance of CIMMYT spring wheat genotypes targeted to high rainfall areas of the world "
    Tadesse, W.; Manes, Y.; Singh R.P.; Payne, T.S.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  113. Artículo
    "Adaptation of CIMMYT wheat germplasm in China's spring wheat regions "
    Zhang Yong; Wu Zhen-lu; Zhang Ai-min; Ginkel, M. Van; He Zhonghu.
    CIMMYT (2006)

  114. Artículo
    "Adaptation of wheat to the canopy environment: Physiological evidence that selection for vigor or random selection may reduce the frequency of high-yielding genotypes "
    Reynolds, M.P.; Acevedo, E.; Sayre, K.D.; Fischer, R.A..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  115. Artículo
    "Adapting food systems of the Indo-Gangetic plains to global environmental change: key information needs to improve policy formulation "
    Aggarwal, P.K.; Joshi, P.K.; Ingram, J.S.I.; Gupta, R.K..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  116. Artículo
    "Adapting maize production to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa "
    Cairns, J.E.; Hellin, J.; Sonder, K.; Araus, J.L.; MacRobert, J.F.; Thierfelder, C.; Prasanna, B.M..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  117. Artículo
    "Adapting wheat cultivars to resource conserving farming practices and human nutritional needs "
    Trethowan, R.M.; Reynolds, M.P.; Sayre, K.D.; Ortiz-Monasterio, I..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  118. Artículo
    "Adding a soil fertility dimension to the global farming systems approach, with cases from Africa "
    Smaling, E.M.A.; Dixon, J..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  119. Artículo
    "Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction analysis of two international maize cultivar trials "
    Crossa, J.; Gauch, H.G.; Zobel, R.W..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  120. Artículo
    "Addressing resource conservation issues in rice-wheat systems of South Asia: A resource book "
    Autor desconocido.
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