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  1. Artículo
    "¿Como crecer con don Crecencio?: sembrando agricultura de conservacion, cosechando sustentabilidad "
    Govaerts, B..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  2. Artículo
    "Zoodras-a new high yielding maize variety for Afghanistan "
    Qasem Obaidi, M.; Osmanzai, M.; Sharma, R.K..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  3. Artículo
    "Zinc and iron concentrations in seeds of wild, primitive, and modern wheats "
    Cakmak, I.; Ozkan, H.; Braun, H.J.; Welch, R.M.; Romheld, V..
    CIMMYT (2000)

  4. Artículo
    "Zhongmai 349, a new wheat cultivar "
    Jun Yan; He Zhonghu; Yong Zhang; Fuyun Ding; Xinmin Chen; Chunying Xu; Yan Zhang; Desen Wang; Xianchun Xia.
    CIMMYT (2010)

  5. Artículo
    "Zero-tillage seminar in Pakistan: Farmer-to-farmer advocacy to cut costs and save water "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2002)

  6. Artículo
    "Zero tillage impacts in India's rice-wheat systems: A review "
    Erenstein, O.; Laxmi, V..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  7. Artículo
    "Zea mays (L.) P1 locus for cob glume color identified as a post-domestication selection target with an effect on temperate maize genomes "
    Chuanxiao Xie; Jianfeng Weng; Wenguo Liu; Cheng Zou; Zhuanfang Hao; Wenxue Li; Minshun Li; Xiaosen Guo; Gengyun Zhang; Yunbi Xu; Xinhai Li; Shihuang Zhang.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  8. Artículo
    "Yield, water productivity and nutrient balances under the system of rice intensification and recommended management practices in the Sahel "
    Krupnik, T.J.; Shennan, C.; Rodenburg, J..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  9. Artículo
    "Yield uncertainty at the field scale evaluated with multi-year satellite data "
    Lobell, D.B.; Ortiz-Monasterio, I.; Falcon, W.P..
    CIMMYT (2007)

  10. Artículo
    "Yield stability of stem borer resistant maize hybrids evaluated in regional trials in east Africa "
    Beyene, Y.; Mugo, S.N.; Tadele Tefera; Gethi, J.; Gakunga, J.; Ajanga, S.; Karaya, H.; Musila, R.; Muasya, W.; Tende, R.; Njoka, S..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  11. Artículo
    "Yield stability analysis of winter wheat genotypes targeted to semi-arid environments in the international winter wheat improvement program "
    Sharma, R.C.; Morgounov, A.I.; Braun, H.J.; Akin, B.; Keser, M.; Kaya, Y.; Khalikulov, Z.; Ginkel, M. Van; Yahyaoui, A.; Rajaram, S..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  12. Artículo
    "Yield stability analysis of nine spring bread wheat genotypes in the central highlands of Ethiopia "
    Solomon Assefa; Bekele Geleta; Tanner, D.G..
    CIMMYT (1995)

  13. Artículo
    "Yield potential progress in short bread wheats in Northwest Mexico "
    Sayre, K.D.; Rajaram, S.; Fischer, R.A..
    CIMMYT (1997)

  14. Artículo
    "Yield potential in a dwarf spring wheat and response to crop thinning "
    Fischer, R.A.; Laing, D.R..
    CIMMYT (1976)

  15. Artículo
    "Yield performance and adaptation of some Australian and CIMMYT/ICARDA development wheat genotypes in the West Asia North Africa (WANA) region "
    Sivapalan, S.; O'Brien, L.; Ortiz Ferrara, G.; Hollamby, G.J.; Barclay, I.; Martin, P.J..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  16. Artículo
    "Yield of synthetic backcross-derived lines in rainfed environments of Australia "
    Ogbonnaya, F.C.; Ye Guoyou; Trethowan R.M.; Dreccer, F.; Lush, D.; Shepperd, J.; Ginkel, M. Van.
    CIMMYT (2007)

  17. Artículo
    "Yield losses in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotype inoculated with single and mixed isolates of Septoria tritici rob ex. desm "
    Leyva-Mir, S.G.; Gilchrist-Saavedra, L.; Zavaleta-Mejia, E.; Khairallah, M..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  18. Artículo
    "Yield and yield components: A practical guide for comparing crop management practices "
    Verhulst, N.; Cox, R.; Govaerts, B..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  19. Artículo
    "Yield and income risk-efficiency analysis of alternative systems for rice production in the Guinea Savannah of Northern Ghana "
    Langyintuo, A.S.; Yiridoe, E.K.; Dogbe, W.; Lowenberg-DeBoer, J..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  20. Artículo
    "Yield and agronomic performance of maize hybrids resistant to the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) "
    Tadele Tefera; Girma Demissie; Stephen Mugo; Yoseph Beyene.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  21. Artículo
    "Y-type gene specific markers for enhanced discrimination of high-molecular weight glutenin alleles at the Glu-B1 locus in hexaploid wheat "
    Lei, Z.S.; Gale, K.R.; He Zhonghu; Gianibelli, C.; Larroque, O.; Xia, X.C.; Butow, B.J.; Ma, W..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  22. Artículo
    "World Wide Maize Improvement in the 70's and the Role for CIMMYT; El Batan, Mexico; 22-26 Apr. 1974. Proceedings "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1974)

  23. Artículo
    "World Perspectives on Barley Yellow Dwarf "
    Burnett, P.A..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  24. Artículo
    "Workshop on MLN diagnostics and management in Africa "
    Ojo, P.O..
    CIMMYT (15]))

  25. Artículo
    "Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight and Related Mycotoxins; Cd Obregon, Son, Mexico; 30-31 Mar 1989 "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1989)

  26. Artículo
    "Women: Scientists. Making a difference "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2003)

  27. Artículo
    "Winter wheat genotypes under different levels of nitrogen and water stress: Changes in grain protein composition "
    Saint Pierre, C.; Peterson, C.J.; Ross, A.S.; Ohm, J.B.; Verhoeven, M.C.; Larson, M.; Hoefer, B.; Murenga, M.; Danson, J.; Mugo, S.; Githiri, S.M.; Wanjala, B..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  28. Artículo
    "Winter wheat East European regional yield trial (WWEERYT) "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2002)

  29. Artículo
    "Will stem rust destroy the world's wheat crop? "
    Singh, R.P.; Hodson, D.P.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Yue Jin; Njau, P.; Wanyera, R.; Herrera-Foessel, S.A.; Ward, R.W..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  30. Artículo
    "Wide and specific adaptation wide concepts in plant breeding that can be explained using agronomic and physiological characteristics "
    Najafian, G.; Jalal-Kamali, M.R..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  31. Artículo
    "Why impact analysis should not be used for research evaluation and what the alternatives are "
    Ekboir, J..
    CIMMYT (2003)

  32. Artículo
    "Whole-genome strategies for marker-assisted plant breeding "
    Yunbi Xu; Yanli Lu; Chuanxiao Xie; Shibin Gao; Jianmin Wan; Prasanna, B.M..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  33. Artículo
    "White wheat grain quality changes with genotype, nitrogen fertilization, and water stress "
    Saint Pierre, C.; Peterson, C.J.; Ross, A.S.; Ohm, J.B.; Verhoeven, M.C.; Larson, M.; Hoefer, B..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  34. Artículo
    "White maize: A traditional food grain in developing countries "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1997)

  35. Artículo
    "Where to target Conservation Agriculture for African smallholders? How to Overcome Challenges Associated with its Implementation? experience from Eastern and Southern Africa "
    910 Baudron, F.; 877 Thierfelder, C.; 891 Nyagumbo, I.; 946 Gerard, B..
    CIMMYT (-03))

  36. Artículo
    "Wheats for More Tropical Environments, A Proceedings of the International Symposium "
    Villareal, R.L.; Klatt, A.R..
    CIMMYT (1985)

  37. Artículo
    "Wheat: a strategic crop for Africa "
    CIMMYT, Int..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  38. Artículo
    "Wheat, flour, and bread in Central Asia "
    Ranum, P.; Mustafarov, R.; Peña-Bautista, R.J.; Abugalieva, A.; Morgounov, A.I..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  39. Artículo
    "Wheat, barley, and triticale cultivars: A list of publications in which national scientists have noted the cooperation or germplasm they received from CIMMYT "
    Woolston, J.E..
    CIMMYT (2000)

  40. Artículo
    "Wheat, barley, and triticale cultivars: A list of publications in which national cereal breeders have noted the cooperation or germplasm they received from CIMMYT "
    Woolston, J.E..
    CIMMYT (1997)

  41. Artículo
    "Wheat, Triticale and Barley Seminar; El Batan, Tex. (Mexico); 22-26 Jan 1973. "
    Anderson, R.G..
    CIMMYT (1973)

  42. Artículo
    "Wheat yield potential "
    Rajaram, S.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  43. Artículo
    "Wheat yield and tillage-straw management system year interaction explained by climatic co-variables for an irrigated bed planting system in northwestern Mexico "
    Verhulst, N.; Sayre, K.D.; Vargas, M.; Crossa, J.; Deckers, J.; Raes, D.; Govaerts, B..
    CIMMYT (2011)

  44. Artículo
    "Wheat x rye = triticale "
    Wolff, A..
    CIMMYT (1976)

  45. Artículo
    "Wheat varieties of the Southern Cone Region of South America: Names, parentage, pedigrees and origins "
    Kohli, M.M..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  46. Artículo
    "Wheat varieties of South America: Names, parentage, pedigrees, and origins "
    Kohli, M.M.; Skovmand, B..
    CIMMYT (1997)

  47. Artículo
    "Wheat varietal diffusion in the irrigated Punjab: Results from 1988-89 "
    Azeem, M.; Sharif, M.; Shafiq, M.; Ahmad, Z.; Longmire, J.L..
    CIMMYT (1989)

  48. Artículo
    "Wheat value for money proposition; CGIAR Knowledge Day; Nairobi, Kenya; 5 Nov 2013 "
    Kommerell, V.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  49. Artículo
    "Wheat technologies and the impact of AKRSP wheat development in the double cropping zone of Gilgit, 1988-89 "
    Ahmad, Z.; Tetlay, K.A.; Asghar, C.; Longmire, J.L..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  50. Artículo
    "Wheat supply in Kenya: Production technologies, sources of inefficiency, and potential for productivity growth "
    Hassan, R.M.; Mwangi, W.M.; Karanja, D.D..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  51. Artículo
    "Wheat stripe rust in China "
    Wan, A.M.; Chen, X.M.; He Zhonghu.
    CIMMYT (2007)

  52. Artículo
    "Wheat strip rust epidemic and virulence of puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici in China in 2002 "
    Wan, A.; Zhao, Z.; Chen, X.; He Zhonghu; Jin, S.; Jia, Q.; Yao, G.; Yang, J.; Wang, B.; Li, G.; Bi, Y.; Yuan, Z..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  53. Artículo
    "Wheat science into the 21st century - challenges and opportunities "
    Braun, H-J.
    CIMMYT (2011)

  54. Artículo
    "Wheat rusts and the costs of genetic diversity in the Punjab of Pakistan "
    Heisey, P.W.; Smale, M.; Byerlee, D.; Souza, E..
    CIMMYT (1997)

  55. Artículo
    "Wheat research and development in Pakistan "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1989)

  56. Artículo
    "Wheat quality traits and quality parameters of cooked dry white chinese noodles "
    Liu, J.J.; He Zhonghu; Zhao, Z.D.; Peña-Bautista, R.J.; Rajaram, S..
    CIMMYT (2003)

  57. Artículo
    "Wheat production and yields in Rawalpindi District of the Punjab from 1983 to 1986 "
    Hobbs, P.R.; Razzaq, A.; Hashmi, N.I.; Khan, B.R.; Khan, B.M..
    CIMMYT (1989)

  58. Artículo
    "Wheat production and grower practices in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico "
    Meisner, C.A.; Acevedo, E.; Flores Velazquez, D.; Sayre, K.D.; Ortiz-Monasterio, I.; Byerlee, D..
    CIMMYT (1992)

  59. Artículo
    "Wheat production advances in South America's colossus: The gains 20 years of Brazilian/CIMMYT research collaboration "
    Hettel, G.P..
    CIMMYT (1989)

  60. Artículo
    "Wheat producing regions in developing countries "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1985)

  61. Artículo
    "Wheat policy options in sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Zimbabwe "
    Morris, M.L..
    CIMMYT (1989)

  62. Artículo
    "Wheat physiology CIMMYT: Report 1970-1975 "
    Fischer, R.A..
    CIMMYT (1975)

  63. Artículo
    "Wheat in the world food economy: Increasing role in developing countries "
    Byerlee, D.; Hesse, E..
    CIMMYT (1983)

  64. Artículo
    "Wheat in the rice-wheat cropping system of the Punjab: A synthesis of On-farm research results 1984-1988 "
    Aslam, M.; Majid, A.; Hobbs, P.R.; Hashmi, N.I.; Byerlee, D..
    CIMMYT (1989)

  65. Artículo
    "Wheat in the rice-based farming system of the Punjab: Implications for research and extension "
    Byerlee, D.; Sheikh, A.D.; Aslam, M.; Hobbs, P.R..
    CIMMYT (1984)

  66. Artículo
    "Wheat in the developing world "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2002)

  67. Artículo
    "Wheat in the cotton-wheat farming systems of the Punjab: implications for research and extension "
    Akhtar, M.R.; Byerlee, D.; Qayyum, A.; Majid, A.; Hobbs, P.R..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  68. Artículo
    "Wheat in the cotton-based cropping systems of the irrigated Sindh "
    Khushk, A.M.; Memon, M.Y.; Lashari, M.I.; Longmire, J.L..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  69. Artículo
    "Wheat in heat-stressed environments: Irrigated, dry areas and rice-wheat farming systems "
    Saunders, D.A.; Hettel, G.P..
    CIMMYT (1994)

  70. Artículo
    "Wheat in Barani areas of Northern Punjab: A synthesis of On-farm research results 1982-1988 "
    Razzaq, A.; Hashmi, N.I.; Khan, B.M.; Khan, B.R.; Hobbs, P.R..
    CIMMYT (1990)

  71. Artículo
    "Wheat in Bangladesh "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (1982)

  72. Artículo
    "Wheat improvement: Highlights from an expert symposium "
    Reynolds, M.P.; Hobbs, P.R.; Ortiz, R.; Pietragalla, J.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  73. Artículo
    "Wheat improvement in India: present status, emerging challenges and future prospects "
    Joshi, A.K.; Mishra, B.; Chatrath, R.; Ortiz Ferrara, G.; Singh, R.P..
    CIMMYT (2007)

  74. Artículo
    "Wheat harvest technology in Punjab's rice wheat zone: Combines, laborers and the cost of harvest delay "
    Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1987)

  75. Artículo
    "Wheat grain yield and stability assessed through regional trials in the eastern Gangetic plains of South Asia "
    Sharma, R.C.; Ortiz-Ferrara, G.; Crossa, J.; Bhatta, M.R.; Sufian, M.A.; Shoran, J.; Joshi, A.K.; Chand, R.; Singh, G.; Ortiz, R..
    CIMMYT (2007)

  76. Artículo
    "Wheat germplasm screening for stem rust resistance using conventional and molecular techniques "
    Kokhmetova, A.; Morgounov, A.I.; Rsaliev, S.; Rsaliev, A.; Yessenbekova, G.; Typina L..
    CIMMYT (2011)

  77. Artículo
    "Wheat genetic resources enhancement by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) "
    Ortiz, R.; Braun, H.J.; Crossa, J.; Crouch, J.H.; Davenport, G.; Dixon, J.; Dreisigacker, S.; Duveiller, E.; He Zhonghu; Huerta-Espino, J.; Joshi, A.K.; Kishii, M.; Kosina, K.; Manes, Y.; Mezzalama, M.; Morgounov, A.I.; Murakami, J.; Nicol, J.M.; Ortiz Ferrara, G.; Ortiz-Monasterio, I.; Payne, T.S.; Peña-Bautista, R.J.; Reynolds, M.P.; Sayre, K.D.; Sharma, R.C.; Singh, R.P.; Jiankang Wang; Warburton, M.; Wu Huixia; Iwanaga, M..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  78. Artículo
    "Wheat genetic resources at CIMMYT: Their preservation, enrichment, and distribution "
    Skovmand, B.; Varughese, G.; Hettel, G.P..
    CIMMYT (1992)

  79. Artículo
    "Wheat genetic diversity trends during domestication and breeding "
    Reif, C.J.; Zhang, P.; Dreisigacker, S.; Warburton, M.L.; Ginkel, M. Van; Hoisington, D.; Bohn, M.; Melchinger, A.E..
    CIMMYT (2005)

  80. Artículo
    "Wheat for Food Security in Africa - Book of Abstracts "
    Mullan, D.; Kosina, P.; Downess, A; Nemcova, B.; Quilligan, E..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  81. Artículo
    "Wheat flour, pan bread, and steamed bread qualities of common wheat near-isogenic lines differing in puroindoline b alleles "
    Ma Dong-Yun; Zhang Yan; Xia Xian-Chun; Morris, C.F.; He Zhonghu.
    CIMMYT (2010)

  82. Artículo
    "Wheat farming in Syria: An approach to economic transformation and sustainability "
    Pala, M.; Ryan, J.; Mazid, A.; Abdalla, O.S.; Nachit, M..
    CIMMYT (2003)

  83. Artículo
    "Wheat diseases and pests: a guide for field identification "
    Duveiller, E.; Singh, P.K.; Mezzalama, M.; Singh, R.P.; Dababat, A.A..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  84. Artículo
    "Wheat diseases and pests: a guide for field identification "
    Singh R.P.; De Milliano, W.A.J.; Bowman, J.; Ransom, J.K.; Saari, E.E.; Prescott, J.M.; Burnett, P.A.; Bekele, G.T..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  85. Artículo
    "Wheat diseases and pests: A guide for field identification "
    Prescott, J.M.; Burnett, P.A.; Saari, E.E.; Ransom, J.K.; Bowman, J.; De Milliano, W.A.J.; Singh, R.P.; Bekele, G.T..
    CIMMYT (2002)

  86. Artículo
    "Wheat cultivars in India: names, pedigrees, origins, and adaptations "
    Jain, K.B.L..
    CIMMYT (1994)

  87. Artículo
    "Wheat cropping systems and technologies in China "
    Wang, F.; He Zhonghu; Sayre, K.D.; Li, S.; Si, J.; Feng, B.; Kong, L..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  88. Artículo
    "Wheat crop response to liming materials and N and P fertilizers in acidic soils of Tsegede highlands, northern Ethiopia "
    Kidanemariam, A.; Gebrekidan, H.; Mamo, T.; Kindie Tesfaye Fantaye.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  89. Artículo
    "Wheat breeding: Objectives, methodology, and progress "
    Morgounov, A.I.; Vlasenko, V.A.; McNab, A.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (1996)

  90. Artículo
    "Wheat breeding in Mexico and yield increases "
    Fischer, R.A.; Wall, P.C..
    CIMMYT (1976)

  91. Artículo
    "Wheat breeding for acid soils: Review of Brasilian/CIMMYT collaboration 1974-1986 "
    Kohli, M.M.; Rajaram, S..
    CIMMYT (1988)

  92. Artículo
    "Wheat breeding at CIMMYT: Commemorating 50 years of research in Mexico for global wheat improvement; Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico; 21-25 Mar 1994 "
    Rajaram, S.; Hettel, G.P..
    CIMMYT (1995)

  93. Artículo
    "Wheat breeding assisted by markers: CIMMYT's experience "
    William, H.M.; Trethowan R.M.; Crosby-Galvan, E.M..
    CIMMYT (2007)

  94. Artículo
    "Wheat breeders' perspectives on genetic diversity and germplasm use: Findings from an international survey "
    Rejesus, R.M.; Smale, M.; Ginkel, M. Van.
    CIMMYT (1996)

  95. Artículo
    "Wheat breeders' perspectives on genetic diversity and germplasm use: Findings from an international survey "
    Rejesus, R.M.; Ginkel, M. Van; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1996)

  96. Artículo
    "Wheat bibliography from Southern Africa: Breeding, pathology and production -- Research and extension literature "
    Payne, T.S..
    CIMMYT (1997)

  97. Artículo
    "Wheat and wheat development in Bhutan "
    Mann, C.E.; Hobbs, P.R..
    CIMMYT (1988)

  98. Artículo
    "Wheat and wheat breeding in the former USSR "
    Morgounov, A.I..
    CIMMYT (1992)

  99. Artículo
    "Wheat and wheat breeding in China "
    He Zhonghu; Chen Tianyou.
    CIMMYT (1991)

  100. Artículo
    "Wheat and weeds: food and feed "
    Wall, P.C..
    CIMMYT (2001)

  101. Artículo
    "Wheat and rice in the mid-hills of Nepal: A benchmark report on farm resources and production practices in Kavre District "
    Adhikary, C.; Adhikary, B.; Rajbhandari, N.P.; Hooper, M.; Upreti, H.K.; Gyawali, B.K.; Rajbhandari, N.K.; Hobbs, P.R..
    CIMMYT (1999)

  102. Artículo
    "Wheat and rice in the Nepal Tarai: Farm resources and production practices in Rupandehi District "
    Hobbs, P.R.; Harrington, L.W.; Adhikary, C.; Giri, G.S.; Upadhyay, S.R.; Adhikary, B..
    CIMMYT (1996)

  103. Artículo
    "Wheat and rice in Karnal and Kurukshetra Districts, Haryana, India: Farmers practices, problems, and an agenda for action -- Exploratory surveys, 22-29 Mar and 27 Sep - 2 Oct, 1992 "
    Harrington, L.W.; Fujisaka, S.; Morris, M.L.; Hobbs, P.R.; Sharma, H.C.; Singh, R.P.; Chaudhary, M.K.; Dhiman, S.D..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  104. Artículo
    "Wheat and barley production in rainfed marginal environments of West Asia and North Africa: Problems and prospects "
    Belaid, A.; Morris, M.L..
    CIMMYT (1991)

  105. Artículo
    "Wheat Production Constraints in Tropical Environments "
    Klatt, A.R..
    CIMMYT (1988)

  106. Artículo
    "Wheat Farmers' Seed Management and Varietal Adoption in Kenya "
    Gamba, P.; Ngugi, C.; Verkuijl, H.; Mwangi, W.M.; Kiriswa, F..
    CIMMYT (2002)

  107. Artículo
    "Wheat Facts and Futures 2009 "
    Dixon, J.; Braun, H.J.; Kosina, P.; Crouch, J.H..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  108. Artículo
    "Wheat CRP: extension period proposal for 2015-16 "
    CGIAR Research Program on Wheat.
    CIMMYT (2014)

  109. Artículo
    "Wheat CRP Annual Report 2013: the vital grain of civilization and food security "
    CGIAR Research Program on Wheat.
    CIMMYT (2014)

  110. Artículo
    "Wheat Annual Report 2012 "
    Renard, G..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  111. Artículo
    "Wheat - Global alliance for improving food security and the livelihoods of the resource-poor in the developing world: proposal submitted by CIMMYT and ICARDA to the CGIAR Consortium Board "
    CIMMYT, Int..
    CIMMYT (2011)

  112. Artículo
    "What the world eats: wheat "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2011)

  113. Artículo
    "What the world eats: maize "
    Autor desconocido.
    CIMMYT (2011)

  114. Artículo
    "What is CIMMYT "
    CIMMYT, Int..
    CIMMYT (2008)

  115. Artículo
    "What future for integrated rice-vegetable production systems in West African lowlands? "
    Erenstein, O.; Sumberg, J.; Oswald, A.; Levasseur, V.; Kore, H..
    CIMMYT (2006)

  116. Artículo
    "What determines gender inequality in household food security in Kenya? Application of exogenous switching treatment regression "
    Berresaw Menale Kassie; Ndiritu, S.W.; Stage, J..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  117. Artículo
    "What are the farm-level impacts of Malawi's farm input subsidy program? A critical review "
    Lunduka, R.; Ricker-Gilbert, J.; Fisher, M..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  118. Artículo
    "Wellhausen-Anderson: plan genetic resources center. Operations manual 2004 "
    Taba, S.; Ginkel, M. Van; Hoisington, D.A.; Poland, D..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  119. Artículo
    "Welfare impacts of maize-pigeonpea intensification in Tanzania "
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