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  1. Artículo
    "Re-examining appropriate mechanization in Eastern and Southern Africa : two-wheel tractors, conservation agriculture, and private sector involvement / "
    910 Baudron, F.; 1321 Sims, B.; 762 Justice, S.; 803 Kahan, D.G.; 1322 Rose, R.; 1323 Mkomwa, S.; 1324 Kaumbutho, P.; 1325 Sariah, J.; 1326 Nazare, R.; 1327 Moges, G.; 946 Gerard, B..
    CIMMYT (-03))

  2. Artículo
    "Where to target Conservation Agriculture for African smallholders? How to Overcome Challenges Associated with its Implementation? experience from Eastern and Southern Africa "
    910 Baudron, F.; 877 Thierfelder, C.; 891 Nyagumbo, I.; 946 Gerard, B..
    CIMMYT (-03))

  3. Artículo
    "Conservation Agriculture based tillage and crop establishment options can maintain farmers’ yields and increase profits in South Asia’s rice–maize systems : evidence from Bangladesh "
    911 Gathala, M.K. Conservation Agriculture Program; Timsina, J. coaut. 337; Islam, S. coaut. 130; Rahman, M. coaut. 267; Hossain, I. coaut. 126; Harun-Ar-Rashid coaut. 113; Ghosh, A.K. coaut. 93; 881 Tiwari, T.P. Conservation Agriculture Program coaut.; 883 McDonald, A. Conservation Agriculture Program coaut.; 906 Krupnik, T.J. Conservation Agriculture Program coaut..
    CIMMYT (-03))

  4. Artículo
    "DTMA Highlights for 2012/13 "
    Abate, T.; Menkir, A.; MacRobert, J.F.; Tesfahun, G.; Abdoulaye, T.; Setimela, P.S.; Badu-Apraku, B.; Makumbi, D.; Magorokosho, C.; Amsal Tesfaye Tarekegne.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  5. Artículo
    "Relationships among international testing sites of spring durum wheat "
    Abdalla, O.S.; Crossa, J.; Autrique, E.; DeLacy, I.H..
    CIMMYT (1996)

  6. Artículo
    "Spring triticale: Names, parentage, pedigrees, origins "
    Abdalla, O.S.; Varughese, G.; Saari, E.E.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  7. Artículo
    "Triticale de primavera: Nombres, progenitores, genealogia y origen "
    Abdalla, O.S.; Varughese, G.; Saari, E.E.; Braun, H.J..
    CIMMYT (1986)

  8. Artículo
    "The effect of integrated organic and inorganic fertilizer rates on performances of soybean and maize component crops of a soybean/maize mixture at Bako, Western Ethiopia "
    Abebe Zerihun; J. J. Sharma; Dechasa Nigussie; Kanampiu Fred.
    CIMMYT (2013)

  9. Artículo
    "Resistance of maize varieties to the maize weevil Sitophilus zeamais (Motsch.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) "
    Abebe, F.; Tadele Tefera; Mugo, S.N.; Beyene, Y.; Vidal, S..
    CIMMYT (2009)

  10. Artículo
    "Maize yield response to crop rotation, farmyard manure and inorganic fertilizer application in Western Ethiopia "
    Abebe, Z.; Tolera, A.; Tusa, D.; Kanampiu, F,K..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  11. Artículo
    "Preferences and constraints of maize farmers in the development and adoption of improved varieties in the mid-altitude, sub-humid agro-ecology of Western Ethiopia "
    Abera, W.; Hussein, S.; Derera, J.; Worku, M.; Laing, M.D..
    CIMMYT (2013)

  12. Artículo
    "Grain quality of spring and winter wheat of Kazakhstan "
    Abugalieva, A.; Peña-Bautista, R.J..
    CIMMYT (2010)

  13. Artículo
    "Increasing the yield potential of irrigated bread wheat: Basis for physiological research at CIMMYT "
    Acevedo, E..
    CIMMYT (1992)

  14. Artículo
    "A guide to the CIMMYT crop management and physiology subprogram "
    Acevedo, E.; Hettel, G.P..
    CIMMYT (1993)

  15. Artículo
    "Bread wheat, durum wheat, and synthetic hexaploid wheat in saline and non-saline soils "
    Acevedo, E.; Silva, P; Fraga, H.; Pagas, R.; Mujeeb-Kazi, A..
    CIMMYT (1999)

  16. Artículo
    "Wheat and rice in the mid-hills of Nepal: A benchmark report on farm resources and production practices in Kavre District "
    Adhikary, C.; Adhikary, B.; Rajbhandari, N.P.; Hooper, M.; Upreti, H.K.; Gyawali, B.K.; Rajbhandari, N.K.; Hobbs, P.R..
    CIMMYT (1999)

  17. Artículo
    "Adapting food systems of the Indo-Gangetic plains to global environmental change: key information needs to improve policy formulation "
    Aggarwal, P.K.; Joshi, P.K.; Ingram, J.S.I.; Gupta, R.K..
    CIMMYT (2004)

  18. Artículo
    "Genetic variability and stability for kernel iron and zinc concentration in maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes "
    Agrawal, P.K.; Jaiswal, S.K.; Prasanna, B.M.; Hossain, F.; Saha, S.; Guleria, S.K.; Gupta, H.S..
    CIMMYT (2012)

  19. Artículo
    "Analisis de crecimiento y rendimiento de 30 genotipos de trigo bajo condiciones ambientales optimas de cultivo "
    Aguilar-Mariscal, I.; Fischer, R.A..
    CIMMYT (1975)

  20. Artículo
    "A regional analysis of maize biological diversity in southeastern Guanajuato, Mexico "
    Aguirre Gomez, J.A.; Bellon, M.R.; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (2000)

  21. Artículo
    "A regional analysis of maize biological diversity in Southeastern Guanajuato, Mexico "
    Aguirre Gomez, J.A.; Bellon, M.R.; Smale, M..
    CIMMYT (1998)

  22. Artículo
    "Monitoring wheat varieties grown in irrigated Baluchistan "
    Ahmad, Q.B.; Farooq, U.; Longmire, J.L..
    CIMMYT (1988)

  23. Artículo
    "Rice varietal adoption in Jafarabad District Baluchistan "
    Ahmad, Q.B.; Farooq, U.; Longmire, J.L..
    CIMMYT (1989)

  24. Artículo
    "Factors affecting adoption of semi dwarf wheats in marginal areas: Evidence from the rainfed Northern Punjab "
    Ahmad, Z.; Ahmad, M.; Byerlee, D.; Azeem, M..
    CIMMYT (1991)

  25. Artículo
    "Weed management strategies for wheat in the irrigated Punjab: Farmers knowledge, adoption and economics "
    Ahmad, Z.; Sharif, M.; Longmire, J.L.; Tetlay, K.A..
    CIMMYT (1988)
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