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  1. Resumen
    ""Unidos para la conservación" pronghorn rescue program in the State of Chihuahua and Coahuila"
    Manterola, C..
    COLECH (2001)

  2. Resumen
    ""Water for life: The Rio Conchos (Mexico) lessons for climate change adaptation from better management of rivers for people/nature""
    Barrios, E.; Rodríguez , A.; De la Maza, M. & Trueba , V..
    COLECH (2009)

  3. Reporte Técnico
    "2003 Regional assessment of water quality in the Rio Grande Basin"
    Texas Clean Rivers Program United States Section, International Boundary and Water Commission.
    COLECH (2003)

  4. Folleto
    "2006 Drinking water report"
    El Paso Water Utilities.
    COLECH (2006)

  5. Artículo
    "A 20-Yr Study Documenting the Relationship Between Turtle Decline and Human Recreation"

    COLECH (1995)

  6. Artículo
    "A 20-Yr Study Documenting the Relationship Between Turtle Decline and Human Recreation"

    COLECH (1995)

  7. Artículo
    "A Higher Language: Novalis on Communion with Animals"

    COLECH (2003)

  8. Tesis
    "A River Transformed: Historic Geomorphic Changes of the Lower Rio Grande in the Big Bend Region of Texas, Chihuahua, and Coahuila"
    Dean, D. J..
    COLECH (2009)

  9. Reporte Técnico
    "A Study of brick-making processes along the Texas Portion of the U.S.- Mexico border: Senate Bill 749"
    Border Affairs Division; Texas Comission on Enviromental Quality (TCEQ).
    COLECH (2002)

  10. Tesis
    "A comparison of the rodent faunas in sandhill habitats from the northern Chihuahuan Desert in Texas"
    Brant, J.G..
    COLECH (2005)

  11. Artículo
    "A conceptual model for primary productivity, decomposition and nitrogen cycling in the Chihuahuan creosotebush desert"
    Moorhead, D. L.; Reynolds, J. F.; Walter, G.; Whitford, W. G..
    COLECH (1986)

  12. Artículo
    "A decision support system for demand management of the Rio Conchos Basin, Mexico"
    Stewart, S; Valdés, J; Gastelum, J; Brookshire, D; Aparicio, J; Hidalgo, J; Velazco, I;.
    COLECH (2004)

  13. Artículo
    "A dynamic programming model for optimal planning of aquifer storage and recovery facility operations"
    Uddameri, V;.
    COLECH (2007)

  14. Artículo
    "A geophysical, geochemical and remote sensing investigation of the water resources at the city of Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Rodríguez-Pineda, J. A..
    COLECH (2001)

  15. Artículo
    "A growth-irrigation scheduling model for wastewater use in forest production"
    Al-Jamal, M. S.; Sammis, T. W.; Mexal, J. G.; Picchioni, G. A. & Zachritz, W. H..
    COLECH (2001)

  16. Guía
    "A guide for communities lacking water and sewage services"
    Cook, S.; Graham, J.; Gurian, P.; Lu, H.; Dreher, K.; Saenz, S.; Corella-Barud, V.; Park, J.Y.; Reyna, A.; Trejo, G.; Mora, J.;.
    COLECH (2003)

  17. Resumen
    "A multi-scale classification of vegetation dynamics in arid lands: What is the right scale for models, monitoring, and restoration?"
    Bestelmeyer, B.T.; Trujillo, D.A.; Tugel, A.J. & Havstad, K.M..
    COLECH (2006)

  18. Resumen
    "A new species of Eremopirgus (Hydrobiidae: cochliopinae) from the Chihuahuan desert, Mexico"
    Hershler, R.; Liu, H.; Landye, J. J..
    COLECH (2002)

  19. Artículo
    "A new species of hechtia (bromeliaceae) from Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Espejo-Serna, A. y López-Ferrari, R. A..
    COLECH (2011)

  20. Artículo
    "A new species of toad of the genus incilius from the Sierra Madre Occidental of Chihuahua, Mexico (Anura: Bufonidae)"
    Santos-Barrera, G. y Flores-Villela, O..
    COLECH (2011)

  21. Artículo
    "A note on the behavior of feral cattle in the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico"
    Hernandez, L; Barral, H; Halffter, G; Sanchez-Colon, S..
    COLECH (1999)

  22. Artículo
    "A numerical study of plume dispersion motivated by a mesoscale atmospheric flow over a complex terrain"
    Wang, G. and Ostoja-Starzewski, M..
    COLECH (2004)

  23. Abstract
    "A paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Laguna Babícora, Chihuahua, Mexico based on ostracode paleoecology and trace element shell chemistry"
    Palacios-Fest, M. R., Carreño, A.L., Ortega-Ramírez, J.R. Alvarado-Valdéz, G..
    COLECH (2002)

  24. Resumen
    "A pilot rock magnetic and ore microscopy study of xenolith-bearing young basaltic rocks from the Camargo cinder cone field, Chihuahua, Northern Mexico"
    Alva-Valdivia, L.M.; Goguitchaichvili, A.; Arredondo-Guerrero, P.; Urrutia-Fucugauchi, J. & Royo-Ochoa, M..
    COLECH (2003)

  25. Resumen
    "A reservoir of nitrate beneath desert soils"
    Walvoord, M. A.; Phillips, F. M.; Stonestrom, D. A.; Evans, R. D.; Hartsough, P. C.; Newman, B. D.; Striegl, R. G..
    COLECH (2003)
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