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  1. Abstract
    "Spiranthes dendroneura (Orchidaceace), a new species from Chihuahua"
    Sheviak, C. J and Bye, R. A..
    COLECH (2008)

  2. Abstract
    "Diminutive woodrat (Nelsonia Neomatomodon) in Chihuahua, Mexico"
    García-Mendoza, D. F. and López-González, C..
    COLECH (2005)

  3. Abstract
    "Turonian (Cretaceous) ammonites from northeartern Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Powell, J. D..
    COLECH (1963)

  4. Abstract
    "Mexican brickmaking"
    Environmental Health Perspective.
    COLECH (1996)

  5. Abstract
    "Historical notes on the vegetation of the rangelands of Chihuahua-apuntes Historicos sobre la vegetacion de los pastizales de Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Fierro, L. C..
    COLECH (1989)

  6. Abstract
    "Surface application of biosolids in the Chihuahuan Desert: effects on soil physical properties"
    Rostagno, C.M. and Sosebee, R.B..
    COLECH (2001)

  7. Abstract
    "Detrital minerals derived from recent volcanics in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Sidwell, R. and Renfroe C.A..
    COLECH (1934)

  8. Abstract
    "Climate change at the monsoon/Westerly boundary in Northern Mexico"
    Metcalfe, S.E., Bimpson, A., Courtice, A.J., Hara, S.L.O. and Taylor D.M..
    COLECH (1997)

  9. Abstract
    "Chihuahua: a water reuse case in the desert"
    Espino, M.S., Navarro, C.J. and Pérez, J.M..
    COLECH (2004)

  10. Abstract
    "Fish fauna of the Bavicora Basin, Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Stefferud, J.A. and Propst, D. L..
    COLECH (1996)

  11. Abstract
    "Three new pupfish species, Cyprinodon (Teleostei, Cyprinodontidae), from Chihuahua, México, and Arizona, USA"
    Minckley, W. L., Miller, R. R. and Norris, S.M..
    COLECH (2002)

  12. Abstract
    "Effects of Land-cover transformation and Climate Change on the distribution ot two microendemic lizards, Genus Uma, of Northern Mexico"
    Ballesteros-Barrera, C.; Martínez-Meyer, E. & Gadsden, H..
    COLECH (2007)

  13. Abstract
    "A paleoenvironmental reconstruction of Laguna Babícora, Chihuahua, Mexico based on ostracode paleoecology and trace element shell chemistry"
    Palacios-Fest, M. R., Carreño, A.L., Ortega-Ramírez, J.R. Alvarado-Valdéz, G..
    COLECH (2002)

  14. Abstract
    "Nature of the crust beneath west-central Chihuahua, mexico, based upon Sr, Nd, and Pb isotopic compositions at the Tomóchic volcanic center"
    McDowell, F. W., Housh, T.B. and Wark, D.A..
    COLECH (1999)

  15. Abstract
    "Carbonate geology of Peña Blanca uranium Ddistric, Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Stege, B.R. and Pingito, N. E..
    COLECH (1979)

  16. Abstract
    "Late Quaternary fluvial landscape evolution in desert grasslands of northern Chihuahua, Mexico"
    Nordt, L..
    COLECH (2003)

  17. Abstract
    "Persistent environmental pollutants in eggs of aplomado falcons from Northern Chihuahua, Mexico and South Texas, USA"
    Mora, M.A., Montoya, A.B., Lee, M.C., Macías-Duarte, A., Rodríguez-Salazar, R., Juergens, P.W. and Lafón-Terrazas, A..
    COLECH (2008)

  18. Abstract
    "Effect of light on germination of seeds of Cactaceae from the Chihuahua Desert, Mexico"
    Flores, J; Jurado, E; Arredondo, A..
    COLECH (2006)

  19. Abstract
    "Preliminary O and H isotope data for groundwater from the Hueco Bolson (El Paso, Texas; Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua): constraints on water sources"
    Eastoe, C.J., Hibbs, B., Granados-Olivas, A., Hogan, J. and Hawley, J..
    COLECH (2002)

  20. Acuerdo Binacional
    "Binational Rio Grande summit"
    COLECH (2005)

  21. Agenda
    "Agenda de América del Norte para la Acción: 2003-2005. Iniciativa para la Conservación de las Aves de América del Norte"

    COLECH (2002)

  22. Agenda
    "Agenda de América del Norte para la Acción: 2003-2005. Especies terrestres de preocupación común"

    COLECH (2002)

  23. Anuncio
    "Anuncio público para la reevaluación de certificación del manejo forestal del ejido Tesopaco y Sierra Obscura en Chihuahua, México"
    COLECH (2005)

  24. Anuncio
    "Ciclo biológico y patrón estacional del descortezador de las alturas dendroctonus adjunctus blanford en la Sierra La Raspadura Chihuahua"
    Sánchez, G.; Nevaéz, R. y Olivo, J..
    COLECH (2008)

  25. Apéndice

    COLECH (2012)
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